If interested in joining the Florence Rural Fire District, please print and fill out the application and bring with you to a Thursday night training session.


One does not have to have prior firefighting or rescue skills in order to volunteer. The Florence Rural Fire District (FRFD) offers continual training at all levels to allow each member to hone their skills at their level of comfort.

Our training / meetings are held each Thursday night and begin at 7:00 pm. 

To become a regular volunteer with the Florence Rural Fire District, you need to:

  •  be at least 18 years old and have a GED or high school diploma
  •  Attend 3 initial Thursday night training / meetings, after which time you will attend a  department  interview where  your application and qualifications will be discussed. 
  •  Upon successful completion of the interview, complete a DOT physical
  •  Maintain a valid Montana driver's license
  •  Complete a department background check            


Upon successful completion of all paperwork and medical review, your membership into the FRFD is complete, a one year probationary period is in effect for the first year on the department.

‚ÄčGoing forward, FRFD volunteers are expected to complete 35 hours of training per year and respond to 27 calls each year to remain an active member.  

Being a member of the FRFD , will allow you to gain valuable experience, will provide you with a high quality of community service, and provides you with expertise and highly refined skills.  Any member of the department, may obtain additional training and expertise in the fields of fire suppression, wildland firefighting and tactics, emergency medicine, technical rescue, water rescue, emergency vehicle operations, and numerous other specialty areas that the department is active in.

Being a member of the Florence Rural Fire District is a rewarding, exciting lifetime experience.   

                               FIRE CADET PROGRAM

The Florence Rural Fire District maintains an active Fire Cadet program for individuals between ages of 14 and 17 years old.                  Fire Cadets are the Future of the Fire District.

Cadets must be in good physical and mental health, in order to successfully complete the duties of a cadet.     Cadets complete an application process similar to that of our regular volunteers.  Cadets must maintain a good academic standing and continue to participate in a regular academic program pursuing a high school diploma or GED.

Cadets have the same training requirements as our regular volunteers, however an additional training night is held to accommodate schedules of our cadet students.

If you are interested, attend one of our Thursday night training meetings to find out more about our Cadet program.